How Much Is Car Insurance

Car insurance


       Accidents are uncertain. We can't predict it. It is an unexpected thing. There are several ways to reduce the risk of accidents but there is no solution to stop the accident. It is necessary to complete full production. Because life is a very important thing in the world. Once we miss our life it cannot come again. The past is the past and accidental life is simply a waste. We lost two things in the accident one thing is our life, body parts and the other thing is we are losing our vehicle. Once we diet our life is out. we can't get it back again. But there was a chance to regain our vehicle by applying for car insurance. Yeah, we are going to discuss the topic of car insurance.

In this context, we are going to know, how much is car insurance? What is div car insurance? how to claim car insurance? how to check the car insurance? which is the best policy in car insurance? and finally going to see about how to renew the car insurance through online mode.

What is car insurance:

      Car insurance is the policy that is the papered agreement between the car company and the customer. The customer has to pay a certain amount for a certain period, based on that amount and time the policy may change. Once the car was damaged in an accident or other issues, we can repair and change the damaged part in the car through the car insurance method.

How much is car insurance:

        1)Ex-showroom price-


2)Depreciation percentage- 20×x-rs.83,200

3)Insured declared value-3,32,800-rs.3,32,800

4)Total od premium-5,425(A-B)-rs.5,245

5)own damage premium-1.970%-rs.6,245

6)personal accident cover-100

7)Net premium - 6,505 (C+D+E+F) - rs.6,506

8)Legal liability paid to driver -50(E)

9)NCB discount - 20% - rs. 1,311(B)

10)compulsory third party cover-1,110(F)

11)GST @ 18% - 18% × X - rs. 1.171(H)

12)Total premium - 7,676 (G+H) - rs. 7,676


Engine wise capacity:

      More than 1500 cc - Rs. 7,890

Between 1,000 cc to 1,500 cc - Rs. 2,863

Less than 1000 cc- Rs.1,850

What is IDV car insurance:

        Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the insurance policy, in this policy, the amount that is once we pay the amount then we can repurchase the same amount. For example, if we are purchasing the idv policy for rupees

10 lakh and then the car is stolen. Or facing an accident the same amount of 10 lakhs is repurchased from the insurance company for the maximum time limit based and the time limit we are taking the policy. This is one of the best insurance policies. Nowadays most car buyers are joining in this policy and this policy is very much useful for them.

How do you claim car insurance:

Suppose the car is stolen or facing an accident or the parts of the car may damage or become repair or the car may face a natural catastrophe even sometimes there may be some manufactured defects and technical fault at that time we can claim the car insurance by going to the insurance company and show the particular paper and documents signed by both the parties. For the insurance company's side, they are checking the car and then they will enquire what will happen and it was the same car they insured and they also check whether the insurance date is finished are not and with the help of the car company the insurance company can leave the insurance amount.

Which insurance is best for car:

       There are so many insurances companies in India and they offer various policies but the topmost and the best companies are as follows

Bajaj Allianz car insurance

Bharat I car insurance

Future general car insurance

IFSC Tokio car insurance

Digital car insurance

Edelweiss car insurance

Cholamandalam car insurance

Kotak Mahindra car insurance

Those are the best and top and genuine car insurance companies in India and the best policy of car insurance is comprehensive car insurance is the best policy for nowadays it is very useful for both the insurance companies and the customers. comprehensive car insurance is very famous insurance in India and more people join this policy every day since it is a genuine policy. Hence it is more trusted for the people.

How to revenue car insurance:

    From an early age, there was no insurance policy method in India but it was practised in weather countries like the UK, the USA and many other countries. Only after the 1970s insurance policy is becoming in India and after the 1990s it was practically used by people and in the early 20th century after the government of India makes the insurance policy law for driving cars and two-wheelers after they impose that law people are started to apply the insurance policy. At that time they are facing more difficulties in applying for the insurance and renewing the insurance after the deadline is finished, it gives more difficulty to the people and also to the traffic police. But the digital growth in India is made everything easy to do everything. We can apply, renewing the car insurance policy through online modelling our mobile or laptop even from home or we can renew it or apply it with the help of browsing centre. There is no need to search for the best company directly. There is no need for it. we can easily renew the car insurance through online mode.


         It is necessary to apply for insurance because nothing is in our hands it is in the hands of the lord. once we are prepared we can get confidence in our minds. The accident is uncertain and we can't able to predict it. But by preparing certain things before it and we can have the chance to prevent the accident. Be safe and keep on safe driving by applying for car insurance.

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