What Is 3d Image Technology ? How Its Works


Introduction About 3d Image Technology:

We, humans, know that the world is becoming digitally modified day by day. Sometimes digital development gives some risks but most of the digital developments give very good benefits to us.

Digital development became part of human life. In this context, we are going to discuss the topic of 3D imaging technology.

The word technology is also known for the development in our life. Most of the technology gives us positive benefits but sometimes they give us negative side effects.

Positive and negative effects are the two sides of the same coin. No one in the world can cause only a positive effect. Everything in the world is also causing negative effects.

Imaging technology is application work. We should use the materials and methods to make, store and duplicate

the images.

There are two types of imaging, they are,

# Faster imaging technology,

# vector imaging technology.

Faster imaging technology:


       The complete MR images can be obtained many more hundreds and thousands of times faster than the conventional method.

Vector imaging technology:


          Vector imaging technology is mathematically based on computer technology. In this method of imaging technology vector graphics method is used to be scaled.

3D image:

             3D imaging technology is used to create the illusion of depth. The 2D images are converted into 3D images by illusion.

Types of 3D images Technology:


    There are many types of 3D images some of them are,

        # Stereo pair,

        # Stereo photograph,

        # Stereogram,

        # Random dot stereogram,

        # Analyph,

        # Lenticular,

  # Single image random dot        stereogram

These were the few types of 3D images. We can see the word stereo in the above types because another name of the 3D image is a stereoscopic image, that's why the word stereo is on the above types.

Top 10 3D scanners:

     Now we are going to see the top 10 3D scanners. Because we always use only the best. The top 10 scanners are,

#3D scanner 1.0,

#sense 2,

#structure sensor,

#SOL 3D scanner,


#EINSCAN vision smart,

#Range vision smart,

#SLS pro S3,

#iReal 2E,

#EVA lite

These were the top 10 3D scanners in India.

3d Image Technology the medical field:


3D scanners are used almost in every hospital. That is used by the doctors to scan the patient's body. It gives the precise result that will help the doctors to clear the issues inside the body of humans and also for animals. This is one of the advanced techniques and also became a normal thing in almost every hospital. So that the doctors give accurate treatment to the patients. But the cost is slightly high.

Using 3D scan doctors also can see the issues inside the body very deeply and also helps them to find the accurate position and location inside the body accurately. Taking too many scanners also gives some negative effects that's why I'm saying positive and negative effects are the two sides of the same coin. In 3D body scanning the positive effect is very very high and the negative effect is very very low.
3D imaging in animation:

   3D imaging in animation helps the students and kids very much. In schools and colleges, students started to learn virtually. so that they are easily able to understand the concepts and they are also able to apply the concepts in their daily life. The 3D animation helps the students to learn eagerly without any distraction. They can learn the concepts in front of their eyes on the screen.3D imaging technology is very useful to the students and also the students like this method of learning very much.

Kids are watching cartoons for the last two decades in India but the new thing is using 3D imaging technique in animation, they can feel the cartoons really in front of them virtually so that they can enjoy their kid's life very much.3D movies are not only liked by the students and kids but also liked by the adults and parents. watching horror movies in 3D print is a very very exclusive thing.

Virtual methods used by most engineers to present their concepts to others very easily so that others also can easily understand their concepts easily and clearly. The government also now started to show their plan in the virtual method so that uneducated people also can easily understand the government's plan.

Im museum visitors are also able to see the historical events in front of their eyes by the virtual method. so that they have the experience in the historical days and also they know the historical life and historical events and historical persons.

In the planetarium, we can see many things in front of our eyes virtually.

In many developed industries, they use 3D imaging animation to present their plan and also they use 3D techniques to execute their plans.

This technique is used by the disaster management department to predict the risk and help people to go to safe places by showing the risk virtually.

In the police department, they use CCTV footage sometimes as they convert the normal footage to 3D footage in risk cases which will help them to identify the information about the crime easily.


Now technology is growing day by day and also 3D technology is making people 's lives very easy to understand and they have started to develop themselves. I have two sayings to you, people, one that is my duty to tell you, Technology development is a part of our life.

They are not our life. They helped us but sometimes they made some problems for us. use the technology wisely and also use the technology for the creative thing not to use the technology for the destructive thing. Because they cause both positive and negative impacts to us. we should use it properly. so that God gives the 6th sense. we should use this 6th sense.

I think that I'll help you do know about 3D imaging techniques in this context. learn more about it so that you can elaborate your mind and brain. thank you

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